Have you ever felt in life that this can’t be it? Have you ever felt it has to be more to this life journey than mere existence? I’ll be the first to raise my hand and answer with a profound YES to both these questions. I remember being twenty-eight years old, married with three children, and becoming established in my healthcare career. I had checked many things off my “life to-do list” that I wanted to accomplish. To my surprise, I still felt unfulfilled and like something was missing.

During my regular meditation, the word stewardship kept dropping in my…

Group of natural hair black women laughing and talking
Group of natural hair black women laughing and talking

The song Smile (Living My Best Life) made famous by comedian/rapper Lil Duval had a lot of folks bobbing their heads in 2018! Many of us have bounced and snapped our fingers to it. Some of you may even have a tee shirt with the song hook across your chest “Livin’ My Best Life”. If you’re like WHAAAT? I never heard of this song, climb out from under your rock and Google it. I recommend you take a listen. For my sanctified folks, make sure you check out the clean version and stay away from the remix featuring Snoop Dogg!

Three Secrets to Making Better Choices

We all have been at the crossroads of making a decision. Having to choose which direction to go in and being stagnated by the inability to make a decision. What holds us back from making the choice? Nine times out of ten, it’s fear of making the wrong choice. So, we take comfort in indecision and don’t make a choice at all. No decision is better than the wrong decision…Right? NO. Wrong. Indecision is a mental block that keeps you from experiencing your full potential.

However, have no worries because you can break away from indecision and make better choices…

Tonya Miller Cross

Author | Digital Marketing Coach | Accessory Designer

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