Are You Really Living Your Best Life?

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The song Smile (Living My Best Life) made famous by comedian/rapper Lil Duval had a lot of folks bobbing their heads in 2018! Many of us have bounced and snapped our fingers to it. Some of you may even have a tee shirt with the song hook across your chest “Livin’ My Best Life”. If you’re like WHAAAT? I never heard of this song, climb out from under your rock and Google it. I recommend you take a listen. For my sanctified folks, make sure you check out the clean version and stay away from the remix featuring Snoop Dogg!

Let’s get and be real my peeps. Are you really living your best life? Are you experiencing a life of abundance? If you answered NO to either of these questions, no worries and I got you. I’m here to drop some gems on how to live abundantly!

Gem #1: Be A Good Steward

It’s not about how much you have, but how you manage what you have. When most people hear the word stewardship they instantly think of money, but it is so much more than that. My in-depth study of the stewardship principle gave me a much better understanding. I learned how to be a better manager over my money, body, and resources. If you properly manage what you currently have, you’ll be blessed with more. Whether you believe in sowing/reaping, law of attraction, or karma, it’s all the same and operates under the same principle. Whatever you do, it’s going to come back to you!

Gem #2: Learn to Love Yourself

The foundation of stewardship is relationships. I also learned that I am accountable for how I properly manage my relationships; including the one with myself. You cannot effectively love others without first truly loving yourself. I also discovered that I harbored unforgiveness towards myself. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy! I had to forgive myself in order to embrace the abundance available for me. Understanding all this was a doorway that led towards abundant living.

Gem #3: Abundance Is for Everyone

The great thing about principles is that they level the playing field. Anyone can apply them and experience their effects. Abundance goes beyond money and tangible possessions. For me, abundance also includes wellness, peace, and joy. I have peace and joy in knowing that I’m being a good steward over my body, resources, and gifts.

Stewardship is key to living your best life! Learning, understanding, and applying this principle was a game changer for me and has positively impacted my life. I now experience a life that goes beyond mere existence, I live a life of abundance with purpose and meaning. To learn more about my story and how I reached this point in my life, visit Our Stories His Glory to purchase my book compilation. I co-authored this book with powerful ladies and gentleman who share their stories of victory!

Tonya Cross — Co-Author, Our Stories His Glory



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