Three Secrets to Making Better Choices

We all have been at the crossroads of making a decision. Having to choose which direction to go in and being stagnated by the inability to make a decision. What holds us back from making the choice? Nine times out of ten, it’s fear of making the wrong choice. So, we take comfort in indecision and don’t make a choice at all. No decision is better than the wrong decision…Right? NO. Wrong. Indecision is a mental block that keeps you from experiencing your full potential.

However, have no worries because you can break away from indecision and make better choices! I’m going to share with you three little secrets that’ll help you.

Secret #1: There Are Only Two Choices

Secret #2: Ditch False Beliefs and Values

Secret #3: You’re A Spiritual Being

I hope you have found my three little secrets helpful! Understanding and applying these secrets has definitely benefited me in making better choices. To learn more about my story and how I reached this point in my life, visit Our Stories His Glory to purchase my book compilation. I co-authored this book with powerful ladies and gentleman who share their stories of victory!

Tonya Cross — Co-Author, Our Stories His Glory



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